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Hyper Universe Gets New Character and Map

Hyper Universe is a very interesting type of game. It’s a MOBA, but also a side-scrolling action game. And it’s a title that has a good amount of characters for you to choose from. Add that to traps and gizmos designed to help or hinder you and you’ve got an interesting experience from top to bottom. As the game is on Steam Early Access, the title is always undergoing changes and additions, and now, two major additions have come to it.

First up? The game has a new character in the form of Arslan. This lion is a fighter through and through, and like a real lion, it has great mobility. As noted on the Steam page, Arslan is perfect for launching attacks at enemies, or if things get too rough, he can get out of harms way in seconds. Then, as if he wasn’t ferocious enough, the more damage he takes, the stronger his attacks get. Lionheart indeed. Arslan is available now on the Steam Early Access build for 15,000 GP.

Hyper Universe

As if that wasn’t enough, the game is also getting a new map in the form of Dragon’s Refuge. This seven-lane map is high on the fantasy setting, with statues, forests, and yes, even dragons for you to see.

This map is different in many ways, not the least of which is because it only has one siege lane. The other six lanes are for you to explore the jungle around you. And you should be careful if you do that because there are tons of creatures waiting to fight you and protect the treasure they’ve collected.

Want bosses? Well, the map has two, one is The Executioner, and the other is a dragon. Told you you’d see one.

So, get your hands on this new character and this new map and find out why Hyper Universe is a game you’ll want to play a lot.

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