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Hyper Universe Developer Talks Steam Early Access

When it comes to developing video games, the most important thing by far is that the game is made, and made well. Nothing kills a game more than not doing it right, and over the years, developers have found more and more ways to make sure that games are made the right way, even if they’re done in ways that they didn’t expect. Take for example the team behind Hyper Universe. They knew their game needed work, but they didn’t know how much until recently.

They recently did Alpha and Beta tests for Hyper Universe, and as was expected, fans who got to play the game weighed in on what they thought. But the team didn’t expect the large amounts of feedback they got at the end, making them not only rethink their steps going forward, but how to distribute the game and get feedback. They’re taking their title to Steam Early Access, and it won’t be free.

While this may anger players, it’s actually a compliment, because they want to make sure the most “passionate player” are helping them develop it.

While this may sound odd, they go on to note that they’ve made a lot of changes based on the feedback from the Alpha and Beta sessions. And they aren’t really sure if players will like them. Plus, since they want focused refinement and not an overload of information, the price will make sure any “non-committed” players won’t be a part of the test.

As a reward, you’ll get a lot for the $15 you’ll pay to get the game in Steam Early Access, including 24 Hypers, which would cost $120 otherwise.

So Hyper Universe wants to grow, but it wants to do it in an efficient manner. It’s not hard to see why, and who knows how it might turn out when the game is done.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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