When you think of Wolverine, you either think of him in the comics, or of actor Hugh Jackman. Jackman has been playing Wolverine since the original X-Men film back in 2000, and quickly won over fans so much that he was basically the star for not only the original triology, but a spinoff, and a crossover with the new saga via Days of Future Past. But, the upcoming film Logan is apparently his last time. Or is it…?

In a chat with Variety, he noted that he was hesitating when it came to his apparent retirement for the character. The reason being, was apparently Ryan Reynolds, who is Deadpool. Reynolds has been campaigning to keep Jackman as Wolverine so that they can either do a team-up film (a true team-up, not Wolverine Origins team-up), or be in X-Force together. Which has long been rumored to be coming, and Wolverine is a longtime member of said team.

X-Force WolverineSo, should Hugh Jackman not stop being Wolverine just yet? It’s complicated. First, it would depend on the film he would do next. Logan is a very gritty take on the character that references the “Old Man Logan” comics, and in a way, isn’t Wolverine, but rather Logan.

So, it goes to reason that a more “pure Wolverine” film wouldn’t be out of the question. If the script is right.Which is easily the biggest question here, if it’s a Deadpool/Wolverine film, or an X-Force film, the script has to be right. Else? It’s a money grab, and it’s clear that Reynolds and Jackman aren’t interested in doing those kinds of films. Rather, they want to do meaningful films (more or less) that are true to Deadpool and Wolverine.

Could this happen? Absolutely! The fact that Jackman is wavering in his commitment to his retirement is proof this could happen. But will it? Time will tell.


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