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For Honor Shows The Masked Nobushi Samurai

For Honor looks like a game that will have a lot of carnage and swords in it alongside Vikings, Ninjas, and Samurais. So you know that a lot of people are eager to play this game as soon as possible, and Ubisoft is trying to give as much info and little bits of gameplay to players to calm them down until the game releases, and revealing Nobushi the next revelation.

The Masked Nobushi Samurai, which Ubisoft revealed alongside a video that shows him in action, is what we will be talking about today.

For Honor - MMOExaminer

Players will have a lot of options in For Honor as far as playable heroes are concerned. You can enter the battlefield and invoke carnage with one of 12 heroes that will decimate any opponent they come across. These will have different playstyles, so each hero will essentially be a way for the player to choose the style they play the game. Nobushi is the hero who will be the choice for players that want to keep those pesky sword- and axe-wielders at a distance. He is one of the four Heroes of the Samurai faction, and Nobushi is a mystery, a masked warrior skilled in using a spearlike naginata, which tears enemies apart before they even get a chance to swing at Nobushi.

You can register for For Honor’s closed beta test if you want to play the game earlier. This would be a great chance to try out the special Art of Battle combat system that For Honor is very proud about. The closed beta will begin on January 26th and it will end on January 29th. For Honor is releasing on February 14, so be sure not to miss it!

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