For Honor

Communication between developer and player is a key part of the video game development process. Not just in relaying delays, or announcing new trailers or the release dates, but once the game is launched as well. For hearing about new patches, bug fixes, content updates, how they’re dealing with cheaters, etc. This lets fans know that they’re not being ignored and that the developer truly wants to keep making the game great. In the case of For Honor, players want a very consistent reminder of this.

On Reddit, user Phosphorus2500 proposed that Ubisoft should do a weekly newsletter so that players can know what’s going on within For Honor. For example, they can talk about competitions, or tournaments, or community achievements, or anything else that’s related to what the players are doing in the game.

But also, relaying the current focus of Ubisoft. Are they working on new content? Are they trying to fix bugs that have been plaguing players? Is character balance being worked on? Or, are they working on something else entirely? This is what players want to know, and a newsletter could help do that.

For Honor

Or, they could offer pieces of story or lore from within For Honor, stuff that’s not expressed within the game. Maybe backstories on faction members, or legends within the factions, something to give them a little more story and life.

Now, there’s a bit of worry from other Reddit users about whether this is possible, regardless of whether Ubisoft will actually do it or not. After all, a weekly newsletter is a lot of work. However, there are many developers, both AAA and indie, that actually do this for their titles, some of which have a scale much grander than For Honor.

So, if Ubisoft wants to do it, and they feel the fanbase wants them to do it, it’s entirely possible they could.


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