In video games, there’s a difference between being a player, and being competitive. Some people are fine with just playing the game, and enjoying what happens, win or lose. But for some, the online multiplayer, or straight up multiplayer, is where the games fun really lies.┬áThus, they want to be the best they can be. Sometimes, that means seeing ideas and strategies from other players on how to improve. One For Honor player wants to help out his fellow player in just such a way.

What separates For Honor from certain other games is that not only are there three main factions (Vikings, Samurai, and Knights) for you to choose from, but there are special classes within those factions that you choose as well. Each class is built differently, and thus require a different mindset when you play as them.

Reddit user GenshiDuelyst believes he has the perfect strategy in order to make you a “high skill level Berserker.” For those who don’t know, the Berserker is one of the Viking classes, and the character wields a pair of handaxes in battle. They’re masters of up-close-and-personal fighting, and like to kill with a slew of strikes.
Berserker For Honor

For GenshiDuelyst, the best way to play this character is to be in the mindset of what this character represent: Chaos. He suggests that you don’t have a plan when you go into battle, you do whatever you want, kill whoever you want, then do something else. Dodge roll because you can, not because you “need” too. You do whatever your instincts say is right. While everyone has a “plan,” a Berserker doesn’t “need” one.

A lot of Redditors were behind this idea, as they’ve faced Berserkers in For Honor, and they believe they’re one of the hardest classes to fight. This is mainly because their stamina seems to be the highest around. So if you’re a Berserker player, remember; they can’t block you if you don’t know what you’re going to do next.


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