Hitman Season Finale Got A Trailer!

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Hitman is an episodic stealth game that just released their sixth and final episode titled ‘Situs Inversus’. Last time I spoke about Hitman, the fifth episode “Freedom Fighter” got a trailer. As you can see IO Interactive was quick to develop the final season, which also got a trailer that shows us in what kind of society our favorite assassin lives.

Before I talk about the trailer and other important things related to the final episode, this episode might require special PC components such as DirectX 12 support. The game supports multiple GPU and “exclusive fullscreen” which you might have to turn on in order for the game to function properly. These changes will also help to exclude certain bugs from the game.

As you can see, the trailer narrator talks about the surroundings of Agent 47 while showing his entire journey from Italy to Morroco. Besides that, a bunch of assassinations can be seen throughout the trailer that will most likely occur during the finale.


This episode, Hitman’s assassination adventures are set in Japan. Most often, inside of the GAMA private hospital. The adventure contains a new story mission and a bunch of new challenges and gear.

For more information about the game, visit HITMAN on Steam.

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