MMORPG developers Nexon have announced that their mobile RPG HIT- Heroes of Incredible Tales has accumulated 1 million downloads in the last 10 days. The game launched in Japan on December 8th last year.

Since its release, Nexon have been focused on pursuing the Japanese archipelago based on localization strategy and marketing. This includes introducing opening images and illustrations, as well as providing local user preferences and introducing famous voice actors including Kazuya Nakai and Sawashiro Miyuki to voice characters in the game, which will ultimately achieve the goal of making a more realistic game for players to enjoy.

So far, the action RPG HIT is now listed in the top 10 of Apple App Stores sales for RPG games, among other games such as Seven Knights and Summoners, which suggests just how well the game is doing. Nexon Business Division headquarters stated: “We are concentrating on customized localization strategies, such as locating and applying local content preferences from the game preparation stage to capture the Japanese region. I will try to focus on it and be loved in Japan for a long time.”

In other recent HIT news, the game introduced a new method of character development, that is set to take place once a character reaches level 20. These freshly implemented features bring a wealth of advancements to players’ characters, whilst also adding the new Haden desert and a training field for your characters to grow stronger.

HIT – Heroes of Incredible Tales is now available to purchase for iOS through the App Store, and for Android devices via Google Play.



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