Hilarious Black Desert Online Video Surfaces on Reddit

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by Ham

If you’re one of those players that finds the grind in Black Desert Online, or games of a similar nature, a tad excessive then this video that has emerged on Reddit may well amuse you.

The video in question asks the whereabouts of Steam players for the game, humorously intertwined with over an anime scene, culminating in a streamer appearing to fall asleep. Check out the short video below.

It also sparked a debate comparing Black Desert Online to other games in the genre, and who it is mainly suited for. Many feel that the sheer amount of grind required in BDO is considered one of its main weaknesses, though that can also be seen as accommodating for many who have the time and dedication to put into it. When I personally think of BDO, it’s more an issue with the microtransactions system that the game has in place that I feel is far more worrying than how long it takes to reach the endgame.

Black Desert Online could be considered to be a game where less is more. If you spend too much time with it on a constant basis, it’s easy to see how it could wear you down. But coming back now and again could prove to be a far more rewarding experience.

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