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Hideo Kojima Weighs In On Ghost In The Shell

They say that everyone has an opinion on something, but it also is said that some people’s opinions are worth more than others. For example, if you’re talking to someone in the video game field about video games, their opinion means something, as they’re actually in the field. And even then, there are those who deserve to be heard on any subject that even remotely touches on something they know. So, when legendary game designer and storyteller Hideo Kojima decides to weigh in on a recent film? Yeah, you probably should at least hear him out.

Ghost In The Shell is a manga and a popular anime that inspired many across numerous industries. Its amazing story and visuals separated it from many others at the of its release back in the 90’s. However, the movie that recently came out wasn’t as beloved. The label of “whitewashing” was plastered all over it with the cast of Scarlett Johansson as Major, and the film itself was deemed “ok” by many critics, but nowhere near as good as the source material.

Kojima wrote an entire essay on the film via Glixel, as well as how the original manga and animated film translated through it. The key part of his thoughts, though, can be boiled down to this:

“Even with all the latest visual technology, though, the film basically boils down to a series of faithfully recreated scenes from the anime. This is not a bad thing per se. As a fan of the manga and anime, it was a pleasant surprise, and the respect that the movie shows in mimicking the anime is unquestionable. As a real fan of the original works, though, I can’t help but feel that the production was trapped in the shell of the original, and as a result, it fails to come into its own.”

Kojima does note that the movie’s plot and “lack of impact” isn’t entirely its own fault. Timing and world setting were a big reason the original manga and anime were a hit because, at the time, the Internet wasn’t really a thing. Now, it’s like the only thing for some people, so parts of the story points will seem lost because the “unknown” isn’t…well…unknown.

What do you think? Is Hideo Kojima right about Ghost in the Shell? Let us know your thoughts.

Written by GlyphMasterson

I am a writer, reader, dreamer, and believer that games and cartoons and comics aren’t a bad way to live. I am passionate about what I love, but do respect the opinions of others when they conflict with my own.

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