An official announcement has been made by HeroWarz publisher KOG Games about the future of the game, including a rather sad piece of news.

HeroWarz is a relatively fresh title, developed by A.Storm, and new games often have many risks and obstacles to overcome. It seems this particular game has hit a rather massive barrier. The publisher just released a statement which states that the game will be temporarily shutting down on March 26, and calls this a “Pause of HeroWarz”.

The pausing of the game is caused by none other than the fact that it currently has in-game balance problems as well as some quality flaws that have to be addressed. This evidently cannot be achieved by some quick hotfixes and patches, which probably led the publisher to come to this decision. According to the announcement, “As of 1/11/17, we’re going to be making some immediate, sweeping changes to the game that we hope you guys and girls will enjoy.” As HeroWarz will continue running until the end of March, it seems the publisher is attempting to hold on to its player base and not just scare them off with the temporary pause. EXP bonuses and drop rate increases have been implemented.

“There’s no easy way to put this, and we’re going to cut right to the chase… As of March 26, 2017, HeroWarz will be going offline… Temporarily.”

Temporary fixes are being made to the game that can hopefully address the evident problems, but on the long run, the bigger change is probably inevitable. The ARPG does indeed have some potential to go on, but it is important to realize that HeroWarz has targeted a market that is not exactly easy to survive, especially with major titles such as Lineage Eternal and Lost Ark heading our way.

We really hope that the devs can make the necessary changes in time, and come up with a whole new HeroWarz that will manage to achieve its original goals. This is definitely sad news for the players, for now, but if the devs manage to formulate a functional ARPG, then we must accept and understand the decision.

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