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HeroWarz Open Beta Coming!

HeroWarz is finally going into open beta, so good news for isometric action RPG fans. The game looks and feels like an anime, with over the top crazy and wacky moves and tons of flashy effects and explosions.

The trailer for the game is actually done in anime style, but it looks pretty awesome with spectacular visuals so you should probably  watch it instead of reading about it.


The game isn’t as pretty looking as the trailer is, but it’s not half bad. People who like anime and superpowers are going to play this anyway regardless of the graphics.


If anything the game does have some interesting looking characters. Two, in particular,  the girl with the blue hair, using a water gun and the emo looking character with the shadowy crows. The first one is probably more unique, as she can ride a whale around. She literally summons a whale and rides it all over the place, smacking anything she comes in contact with. The second one is a shadow user, manipulating the dark and forming various things with it. He can summon some creepy looking crows to decimate anything that looks like a threat and he can also grow black feathered wings and fly.

The official gameplay trailer is available for watching.


Official post and details on the open beta!

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