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Heroic Games Introduces Ship Of Heroes

Sometimes, video games fail. It just happens. For MMOs, and MMORPGs, it’s not enough to just make a game and release it, they need to maintain it, and ensure that people are still playing that. That’s a tough order at times, and many MMO/MMORPG games have failed because of that. But then, you get a title like Ship of Heroes, which is actually inspired by a former title, and picks up where they left off.

The team at Heroic Games is working hard to try and get this made, and brought to your system as soon as possible. What makes Ship of Heroes so unique isn’t that it’s a superhero MMO, or that there’s a lot to do. Rather, it’s that you’re on a ship…of heroes. Characters are made in a “Design Studio”, and on the ship, everyone has a job. You’ll actually travel to various places, including a recently unveiled Apotheosis City. Each new location will grant you certain things. Obviously, the ability to explore, but also the chance to see what this place has to offer. Each new city, colony, or location will have unique missions, enemies to fight, characters to meet, materials to get and craft with, and so on.
Ship Of Heroes

But wait, what about your heroes? Well, that’s the other fun part. At the start of the game, you’ll have options from hundreds of costume parts to ensure that you hero or heroine looks the part. Powers are there too. They’ll start out in standard tiers, but, once the game goes on its way, more complexity will be added to it.

Ship of Heroes aims to have vastly more diverse characters than any game that has come before. In fact, on their site, one of their pages is titled, “Dream Big.” Seeing the potential this game, and the interesting part of the market it would fill, it’s not hard to see that motto taking flight.

The Heroic Games team aims to make a Kickstarter for Ship of Heroes, and depending on how well that goes, it’ll determine when the game releases.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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