Heroes of the Storm – Medivh Enters the Spotlight

Medivh, The Last Guardian, has joined the battle for The Nexus in the latest patch for Heroes of the Storm. Medivh is a ranged specialist with a focus on...

Medivh, The Last Guardian, has joined the battle for The Nexus in the latest patch for Heroes of the Storm. Medivh is a ranged specialist with a focus on supporting his team with crowd-control and maneuverability.

Heroes of the Storm - Medivh

Trait: Raven Form

Medivh - Raven Form

Instead of mounting, Medivh will transform into a raven, becoming invulnerable and untargetable, and gaining the ability to fly and see over terrain. Raven Form is perfect for safely scouting enemy positions and plans because the opposing team cannot stop Medivh. Raven Form can also be used to gank unsuspecting targets through otherwise impassable routes.

1st Basic Ability: Arcane Rift

Medivh - Arcane Rift

Medivh sends out a shock wave in a straight line, damaging all enemies in its path. If Arcane Rift hits an enemy hero, its cooldown is greatly reduced. Arcane Rift is Medivh’s only damaging ability. Use Arcane Rift to harass enemy heroes in lane.

2nd Basic Ability: Force of Will

Medivh - Force of Will

Force of Will shields an allied hero, granting them the Protected status for a few seconds. When protected, the ally will ignore all sources of damage. Force of Will is an incredibly strong defensive ability when timed correctly because it can negate an unlimited amount of damage when active. Save Force of Will to counter the opposing team’s highest damage sources.

3rd Basic Ability: Portal

Medivh - Portal

Medivh creates two portals, one at his current location, and one at the targeted location. Medivh and his allies can travel between the two portals an endless number of times until the portals expire. Portal is a versatile ability because it can be used both offensively and defensively. Use Portal offensively by setting up ganks, and to catch up to any withdrawing enemies. Use Portal defensively by retreating through otherwise impassable terrain, or to simply crate extra distance between pursuers.

1st Heroic Ability: Poly Bomb

Medivh - Poly Bomb

Medivh’s first heroic ability is Poly Bomb. Poly Bomb polymorphs an enemy hero into a sheep, disabling their attacks and also silencing them. Once the effect expires, it spreads to any enemy heroes within a small radius of the previously affected. Poly Bomb continues forever, unless enemy heroes move away from any polymorphed heroes.

Poly Bomb has massive potential because it can continuously force opponents to re-position to avoid being polymorphed. Use Poly Bomb during a teamfight to disrupt your opponents. Poly Bomb is especially effective when combined with other crowd-control abilities to lock the opposition within Poly Bomb’s radius.

2nd Heroic Ability: Ley Line Seal

Medivh - Ley Line Seal

Ley Line Seal is Medivh’s second heroic ability. After a short channeling phase, Medivh sends out a slow moving wave in a straight line. Any enemy heroes hit by the wave are locked in stasis for a few seconds. Ley Line Seal should be carefully used to trap opponents and surround them, or to disengage from an unfavorable battle. Players with ideal positioning will be able to use Ley Line Seal to disable some, but not all, enemy heroes during a teamfight, effectively reducing enemy forces for a few seconds.

Check out the hero spotlight for Medivh to see his abilities in action:

More information on Medivh can be found on his official Heroes of the Storm page.

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