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Is Heroes of the Storm Keeping Up With Other MOBAs?

heroes-of-the-storm-bannerJune 2, 2015, was the day Heroes of the Storm got released. At the very beginning, the game looked promising. Even though some people thought this was just Blizzard’s try to take over the MOBA scene, most of the players that took the time to try this game loved it.
The game was released roughly a year ago and even though it is labeled as MOBA, Blizzard made sure to put some original ideas in it that are quite different in comparison to the MOBAs we were used to. Unlike currently leading MOBA games such as Leauge of Legends and Dota2, Heroes of the Storm ditched the idea of solo leveling and minion farming mechanics and turned to the brawls, little in-game skirmishes and team progress. Another great and original thing was the variety of the maps and different quests in them. People really loved this new concept which only meant that once again Blizzard was on point with their plans. They did such a good job that some new MOBAs are trying to recreate similar gameplay. Even though the game was fairly young at the time, the tournaments were organized across the globe and the game momentarily gained eSports status.heroes-esport-09072015With all that said we can ask ourselves a few questions: What does this mean for MOBA giants that are currently ruling the genre? Can we expect some changes in those games? We’ve seen that Leauge of Legends started to rotate some of their map side projects just to give some versatility to their players. Is this their answer to Heroes of the Storm?

Whatever might be, all we can say that Blizzard’s MOBA, Heroes of the Storm certainly has a special place in this genre and is holding its own pretty good. For those who might not know, HotS is currently in its first season, and the game is gathering more and more players.

Written by Kova

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