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Heroes of the Storm Issues Battleground Basics Guide

Blizzard’s MOBA title Heroes of the Storm has issued a guide for new players, called Core Concepts: Battleground Basics. This is the second issue of their new series, Core Concepts, which looks to educate players on how to play the MOBA efficiently and effectively.

Heroes of the Storm Battleground Basics

The first point of focus is Map Awareness. A critical factor in any MOBA, the minimap in Heroes of the Storm points out more than just the locations of your allies, if you know what to look for. You can catch glimpses of your opponents, and if you know where they are, you know when to push and when to take a more defensive approach.

But map awareness in Heroes of the Storm also has a lot to do with the game’s unique take on map objectives. Each map in Heroes of the Storm has powerful map objectives that, if secured, can give your team a major edge over your opponents. The guide also contains a quick how-to (and what for) on map pings.

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Battleground Basics also covers laning and roaming. This refers to when you should be in your lane, farming experience and protecting your turrets, and when it can be more beneficial to roam and make a play elsewhere on the map. In Heroes of the Storm, all experience is shared, so even if you get pushed out of lane from your opponents’ aggression, you can still hang nearby to gain valuable experience before hitting level 10 and gaining a huge power spike.

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There’s also a section on map objectives and mercenaries, and how to utilize them at the right times and in the right ways. Heroes of the Storm, like any MOBA, presents players with many choices and split second decisions. Checking out the Core Concepts: Battleground Basics guide can help prepare you for when those choices arise.

For a different approach, check out our guide for Heroes of the Storm on how to lose.

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