With games that feature massive rosters, and ones that players use, abuse, and creatively think strategies for that the development team wouldn’t have thought of originally, it’s easy to see why balance patches are made. Thus is the case with Heroes of the Storm today, as they have released a new patch for their game which aims to not only fix bugs, but balance out some of their champions.

Note, some of these changes are because of The Year of The Rooster update that happened recently, so be aware of that.

Which of course brings us to the Rooster Race fixes. From now on, the race will always appear whenever any player in the match hasn’t done the quest of the day yet. So now you really don’t have to go looking for it. By request, the Rooster Race has gotten an extra three seconds added to it. You can also get Movement Speed bonus if you carry a Lunar Festival item. But, the places where you get Lunar Festival items have been reduced in the Battlegrounds. Finally, the Rooster (like the titular rooster) won’t consume your Lunar Festival items, except, for the ones specified on the screen.
Heroes Of The Storm Update

Now, for bug fixes in the general sense of Heroes of the Storm.

In the A.I. department, error messages won’t display if an A.I. player uses an ability. They also fixed an issue that caused Abathur in Try Mode to act weird when you tried to choose him as an ally.

In the Battlegrounds, more specifically in the Battlefield of Eternity, Tyrael’s Holy Ground and Zagara’s Devouring Maw won’t be able to displace the other Immortal during the time the Immortals are fighting.

For a full list on how the champions in Heroes Of The Storm have been affected, you can click the full breakdown here.


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