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Heroes of the Storm Adds Chromie


Yesterday the Heroes of the Storm YouTube channel released a trailer for a new character.

The comedic video showcases Chromie, a forgetful female gnome, and, best of all, she is now available to play. Chromie has the title of “Keeper of Time,” as such she has the Timewalker trait, which means she has seen the future, allowing her to learn talents one level before other characters. This unique ability should make her a valuable team member.

Chromie comes as a part of the game’s newest patch that, in addition to the new hero, makes some User Interface tweaks, such as greying out button borders that cannot be used at the time of play, and bug fixes, like unexpected crashes.

Furthermore, the patch has also made some changes to the matchmaking system in an attempt to make battles fairer for seasoned players. states: “In the overwhelming majority of the games it creates, the matchmaking system prefers very even matches. However, the matchmaking system will prefer to create games where the high-level player has a slight advantage, but all players are closer in skill, rather than set up a match where the high-level player has to work harder to “carry” a lesser-skilled teammate. In essence, today’s change will help to maintain the overall fairness and integrity of the league over the fairness of that specific match. Additionally, this should only occur after a relatively lengthy wait in the Hero League queue.”

Will you be playing as Chromie in Heroes of the Storm? Let us know in the comment section.

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