Hearthstone – is it Time to Nerf Quest Rogue?

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by Ham

The subject of nerfing is a common one for Blizzard games, particularly in the likes of Overwatch as of late. Shifting focus to another Blizz game, is there an issue with nerfing in Hearthstone, particularly with Quest Rogue?

This is something that has been called upon for quite a while amongst the Hearthstone community, attracting many users that wouldn’t necessarily post on the likes of to speak up and voice their opinions. It is considered by many as overpowered, with those stating otherwise often being downvoted.

Kurihunt69 recently raised the question:

“Why isn’t quest rogue nerfed yet? I have played hearthstone since the beginning and this is one of the worse decks to play against, 0 interaction and 30 dmg at turn 5.”

After outlining a number of key issues, the user ends by stating they will be be switching card games if the next expansion doesn’t improve.

User Vedrix summed up the deck in a rather humorous way in a previous thread called for the nerf:

“Rogue quest deck is like a nuclear bomb. Not everyone has one, not everyone knows how to properly build one and not everyone knows how to make it work. But when the core is activated, you know someone is gonna get rekt.”

Is this something that Blizzard need to look into, or will nerfing have a more negative impact on the game for players? Join the debate on the official forums, or let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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