Hearthstone: Summoning Portal Open

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by Mustapha R. Price

Big, small, or otherwise, with the new Karazhan set, Hearthstone has become a game of getting as many bodies on the board as possible. From the many portal cards, to simple spells that summon small minions, to the adventure’s ultimate legendary reward card, players now have the chance to summon all sorts of random minions.

anduinThis is so interesting, as it really compliments the strange direction that the game has gone in. Aggro decks have become somewhat of a staple in the Hearthstone community, ever since the launch of the Whispers of the Old Gods set.

Particularly, Shaman and Warlock have received some major boosts, allowing them to really step up their game. With such a heavy focus on tempo, and the increase of minions present on any given board, it’s no wonder that the game has made this shift to a more aggressive play-style.

If you’re still interested in playing control decks, one class that still stands to keep the board under its constant control is Warrior. If you’re looking for a particular type of warrior deck, the standard recipe “Reno Jackson” builds a really strong sturdy deck, with some stellar control combos.

The C’Thun’s Clutch deck for Priest is really interesting for Wild as well. I’ve made a few tweaks to it, combining some of my favorite cards like Kel’Thuzad with some of the smaller token minions for some quick and effective trades. There are a lot of simple ways to alter the recipes to make them more suited to your style, but still incredibly synergistic.

Remember, One Night In Karazhan is fully available now, and if you’re interested in testing it, there’s a free prologue mission with some epic reward cards! If you want to use a portal to summon a minion and get a pretty incredible effect, this is the set for you.

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