Hearthstone Balance Changes: Update 6.1.3

Mustapha R. Price
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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is receiving yet another balance patch pretty soon, and this time basic cards are getting reminded of their place in the world. Warrior and Shaman in particular, are getting some major nerfs.

As for the specific cards getting nerfed, we’ll start with Rockbiter Weapon. This card was a 1-cost Shaman spell that would grant the target 3 extra attack for the turn. This card doubles as a really synergistic combo piece for minions like Mana Addict as well as a good early game removal piece, as it can be used on your hero as well. Because of this, it will be adjusted from one mana to two. Still good for synergy, but lacking in its viability as a removal tool.

Tuskarr Totemic will also be getting nerfed. This card will now only summon basic totems. I’m upset about this, as I love getting Flametongue totems from this card, but I understand the purpose of the nerf. Cards like Totem Golem could really change the game in a major way. I really play the card to synergize with other cards such as Evolve and Thing From Below.

A few Warrior cards are getting changed as well. Most notable of these changes is the reduction of Charge. The spell is now a 1-cost that will grant charge to any minion, but that minion will no longer be able to attack heroes for the remainder of that turn. This prevents Worgen decks, so I’m fine with it. Execute is also getting increased to a 2-cost spell.

Finally, two neutral cards will be nerfed. Abusive Sergeant will become a 1/1 minion with the same cost and Battlecry. This will be good for keeping him from destroying you in aggro decks.

Finally, everyone’s favorite Hearthstone conversation piece, Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End will be getting a major change. From now on, the spell-casting Old God will stop casting spells if he is destroyed, silenced, returned to your hand, or transformed during his spell-spree. Good riddance, you horrific monstrosity.

These changes are going to shake up the Hearthstone meta, and this may finally be the death of the obsession with aggro decks! I sure hope so. This patch is set to go live soon, but there’s no official date yet.

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