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Is Healing On The Decline In World Of Warcraft?

In MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, having a balance of roles in regards to characters is essential in many ways.  Each role is important and necessary. But in the case of Healers, there appears to be something going on.

It seems that World of Warcraft players are noticing in their servers a lack of players choosing to pick a healer spec. user Eosferon asks his fellow gamers why he thinks they’re gone, noting:

“I am leveling an alt as a tank and it seems like there is a real shortage of healers there Are people scared off the healing role due to its dependency to addons??”

Though some admitted that addons could be the problem, others noted that the real problem might be the role itself. Some revealed that players might just not want to be Healers, saying that it may not be fun to be a Healer when there’s nothing to heal at times.

The leveling of characters was brought up too, as it “may not be fun” to level up a Healer in the lower levels of World of Warcraft.

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But, a majority of the players believe that the real reason behind the “shortage” is that Healers take a lot of insults in the game:

“I think it’s the blame they get. Is a successful run/shorter queues worth such flak?” asks Johnwanne.

Many believe that Healers are the most underappreciated role in World of Warcraft, and are often blamed when things go wrong. That puts a lot of pressure on anyone who plays the class to do their role perfectly, or face the consequences.

What do you think? Is there a shortage of Healers? Let us know in the comments below.

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