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The Hack’n’Slash MMO Guardians of Ember Got Founded!

Looking for a new hack n’ slash game? If you are, then we have some good news, as Runewaker’s Guardians of Ember got founded and Early Access is planned for the end of Septembre for both Europe and North America.


As a Guardian of Ember, you will go into the world of Olyndale and try to figure out why it all went to hell. The story is pretty generic, but you won’t find many ARPGs that focus on the story much. The unique thing about this particular hack n’ slash is that it offers a dual class system that becomes available at level 15, which is something that isn’t really popular in this genre.


This, combined with six classes that are available in the game, makes for a huge amount of character builds and options for you to experiment with.


Developers are making sure that the game has a lot of content to offer, so things like randomized dungeons with individual difficulty settings are there to make sure that you don’t get bored with the game anytime soon. The crafting and the enchanting system make sure that you can make your perfect equipment if you’re not a fan of grinding for items. The game also has a PvP system for players who like that sort of thing.



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