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H1Z1: King of the Kill Gets Test Server And Update

For some games, getting tested by real players is absolutely essential, which is why they put their titles on places like Steam Early Access. It allows real players to do true gameplay and mechanics test to see what works, what doesn’t, and so on. For H1Z1: King of the Kill, the game has been on Steam Early Access for a while, but in their desire to do even better, they’ve created their own test servers that act like a stage before the Early Access servers.

As a note, only the North American test servers have been unlocked, the team is looking into adjustments for other regions before releasing them. But, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing special about the test servers now, in fact, they’ve already been updated with new content changes, with more on the way soon. So, the team wants you to try them out, and see what you think of them all.

There’s been a slew of gameplay updates. Such as players now being allowed to collide with each other, as well as collide with enemies. Throwing times have been increased too, so you can’t do it right after the other. Another interesting addition is that you can now zoom in on the map via the mouse wheel. If a vehicle is next to another vehicle that explodes? It now takes damage.

There was also a slew of bug fixes in H1Z1: King of the Kill. There was some issues with killshots being registered as the wrong kind of kill, which has been fixed. Some players found a glitch where you could get rid of recoil for a few shots, and this has been fixed too.

You should check out the full Patch Notes to see all that has been changed in the game, as well as get a sneak peek about what’s coming up via the Swagnum Opus update.

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