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Guild Wars 2 Outlines Special PvP Month

PvP is a key aspect of most MMORPGs. To some, they’re in the most important part, as they allow players to do battle with each other for glory, gold, items, etc. For Guild Wars 2, they’ve decided to take PvP to an even higher level in the month of June, as they’re introducing new updates to PvP, as well as bringing in some special World-vs-World content too. This should give you a fun way to spend your entire month. Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming and when.

Already in progress in Guild Wars 2 is the latest World-vs-World update. As the Mist War is raging on, this new update you’ll get new rewards to fight for, as well as improved fighting as a whole. For example, there’s a new Skirmish reward track, so you now have a new way to earn rewards for the fights that you do.

You can also count on an improved LFG, which will help you get on better teams so that victory isn’t so much of a crapshoot. Then, you can use the new Match History feature to see just how well you’re doing in the world.

Guild Wars 2

There’s also new World-vs-World equipment that’ll make you look good, and also be effective in other areas. The Legendary Backpack you can wear is also a glider. And there’s two new armor sets, Triumphant Hero’s armor and Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s armor, that players can find and wear.

As for PvP, on June 13th Guild Wars 2 will launch Season 07 of their PvP League, with a royal mini as a reward for doing well in it. Then, on June 20th, you’ll be able to start taking part in automated tournaments, meaning that tournaments can come daily, and then lead to greater monthly tournaments and grander rewards. Add to that a new PvP lobby and you’ll get even more bang for your buck. So don’t miss out on the fun of this brand new PvP and WvW content.

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