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Guild Activities Outlined for Revelation Online has released details on a wealth of additional activities coming to Revelation Online, including Base Hunt, Guild Dragon and others.

Kicking things off with Base Hunt, this addition allows guild members to face off against other bosses around their own base. These events can occur at any time that there’s 10 or more guild members in the base at the same time online during guild dailies. The more guild members online at the time, the more likely an event will be triggered, which can also be aided by completing guild activities.

Guild Dragon meanwhile offers an interesting follow up to Base Hunt, in which you’ll gain the ability to summon a dragon after your guild reaches Funland level 2. This treasure-hoarding beast can be called upon once a week to be fought against. Those who slay the dragon within two hours will be rewarded, so keep an eye on the time when you do so.

Along with Guild Treasure Hunt and other events, players can take up the role of a merchant in Merchant Run, in which you’ll be required to complete the task of turning your currency into profit by buying and selling to merchants in Nuanor, with Fealty and Imperial Notes being rewarded. You could also now head to the Funland area to participate in Shifty Dodgy, a weekly event headed by the guild leader for a game of pair-matching for a large XP boost.

For a full rundown on what to expect from all the guild activities on offer, head over to the official website for more information.

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