Guardians of Ember Adding The “Iron Man” Stretch Goal

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by Dante

After Guardians of Ember got successfully founded over at Indiegogo, the developers decided that they want to add the “Iron Man” stretch goal to their funding campaign! The campaign was also prolonged to last until October 10th, and if by then they manage to gather enough money (20 000 USD to be precise) they will work harder to launch the Early Access version with the “Iron Man” feature.


For all of you that don’t know, Iron Man is a mode mostly seen in singleplayer games that ensures that you stay dead once you die. This means that you can’t respawn, so your character and all of the items on that character are lost forever. This is a pretty hardcore feature that a lot of gamers don’t use since they don’t really want their characters to be lost forever, but an elite few enjoy this kind of thrill and looks like the developers of Guardians of Ember belong to those elite few.

These are the exact word from the developers regarding this feature in Guardians of Ember:

“With the Iron Man buff we have created a completely new challenge for every player who wants to stand out from the crowd and wants to become truly immortal:
Followed by an eternal flame – visible for all other players – the Iron Man mode is the only way to achieve some of the hardest and most exclusive titles and rewards.”

“Once the player activated the Iron Man mode with his new character, the Iron Man buff will remain active until the player dies for the first time. During this time it is not possible to join a party to make sure that Iron Man achievements are a real proof of toughness.”


All of you hardcore gamers out there will love this feature, while others will just ignore it, but let’s hope that it gets added to the game anyway!

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