Grim Dawn Gets New DLC!

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Considered one of the best ARPG’s of 2016 currently, Grim Dawn sure has a lot of eyes on it. That includes our own. Now, with their latest DLC announced, our eyes are ever more focused on the game. The title of the DLC is Grim Dawn: The Crucible, which sounds pretty darn interesting.

Basically, the DLC is a hoard mode which means you battle waves upon waves of enemies and then you collect your reward after the battle. But it’s a bit more complicated than that, and that’s expected from the clever minds of Crate Entertainment. The twist on the typical “wave of monsters” routine is that after every 10 waves you have a tough choice. You can either tackle on another 10 waves for a chance to get better rewards or you can check your current progress and claim the reward that it brings.


The currency used in the Crucible is called the Tributes. They can be spent on an array of different things, like powerful blessings to improve your combat prowess, creating Defenses to protect you from harm, or you can just  gamble it for an even bigger jackpot at the end!


As you can see, the Master of the Crucible is eager to watch you fight, so go show him what you’re worth!

More details about the DLC can be found here!

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