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Grim Dawn Adding Necromancers Mastery

Crate Entertainment has revealed a new mastery for the multiplayer game Grim Dawn; the Inquisitor Mastery. They have since been hinting at a second mastery, and announced yesterday in a forum post that they will soon be adding a Necromancer Mastery. Inquisitors and necromancers will be joining will be joining the other classes, including soldiers, demolitionists, occultists, nightblades, arcanists, and shamans.

According to the game’s lore, the rulers of the Arkovian Empire needed a scapegoat. The already hated necromancers seemed to be a perfect fit. One of the last necromancers captured was Uroboruuk, but unlike the others, they could not find a way to execute him. He caved from their torture and performed a ritual that would grant them the same power. However, he did not tell them that immortality was a curse not a blessing. Their bodies could not heal and disease drove them insane.

Uroboruuk reappeared years later, and then revived necromancy through the Order of Death’s Vigil. This is where modern necromancers come from. Necromancers have the ability to harvest souls, and they can also conjure wraiths and have skeletons do their bidding. Not only are they good at close combat, but they can deal range damage. They were once hunted by Inquisitors, but they are now seen as allies thanks to the Grim Dawn which has almost caused humanity to go extinct.

This is Grim Dawn’s first expansion since it released in February of last year. The game, DLC, and loyalist upgrade are currently available for half price on Steam. The game uses an upgraded version of the same engine, with faction-based questing, a duel class system, rogue-like dungeons, dynamic weather, over 300 monsters, and a detailed crafting system. Grim Dawn also has a likeness to Diablo 2, and it shows that several of the developers also worked on Titan Quest, so if you’re a fan of either of these, then its worth checking out.

Written by Caraline Nelson

Caraline Nelson is a Symmetra main who occasionally caves and plays healer. She finds herself watching e-sports and writing about games she loves. From quaint delightful indies to massive, open world MMOs, she enjoys a bit of everything. And like every good gamer she has more titles than she can possibly play through on her Steam account.

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