While it may have started out rough, Gotham, the DC Comics “prequel series” to the Batman mythos, has gotten on some very solid footing, and has put out some very quality television since Season 02 aired. This continued with Season 03, which featured many interesting twists and turns along the way.

At the end of the midseason finale, Bruce and Selina had stolen from the Court of Owls, and met Selina’s mom in the process. Penguin came out to Nygma, who subsequently allied himself with Barbara Kean, Butch, and Tigress to take Penguin down. And after almost unraveling, James Gordon shot Mario Falcone, right in front of his wife Leslie Thompkins. Although it did it because Mario was about to kill Leslie, she didn’t see that.

The official synopsis for the return of Gotham, which will happen on January 16th, has been released, and it’s already looking to be quite a showstopper.

Apparently, Carmine Falcone (the infamous gangster of Batman lore) puts out a hit on Gordon after learning he shot his son. Meanwhile, Selina comes to grips with her mother’s return, Penguin begins his own descent into madness at a time that couldn’t be worse (which might tie into the return of his father…), and Jerome (who is long believed to be this world’s version of the Joker) might be coming back to life via a fanatic fan he inspired.

Well, I’m excited, how about you? There’s sure to be more to this as Gotham truly lives up to its season 03 title of “Mad City”, the show returns to Fox on the 16th at 8/7c.

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