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Goliath – “Smash and bash” Action RPG Has Arrived


From Whilebox Studio, on the 12th of May came Goliath, a great ARPG game that will awaken all “smashing and clobbering time” instincts in us.

If you like to build giant robots and hit stuff with them, then you will simply adore this game. Storywise it’s really simple and easy to comprehend. Your character, Grumov, after getting sucked into a mysterious portal, gets stranded in a strange world where many different known civilizations collide into one “reality”. Your main goal is to survive! You will be constantly under attack by huge monsters and you will need to find a way to stay alive and fight back. The only logical solution is to build your own HUGE robot monster called Goliath. By scavaging your surroundings you’ll gather materials and, with them, you will be able to make versatile war machines that will help you survive the night in this strange and cruel world.


After progressing in the game, you’ll realize that there are many factions that don’t really like each other, so you will be given a choice to help them out. Keep in mind that choosing sides usually makes you an enemy in the eyes of the others. So, the only thing that will help you beside your giant robots are safe points, such as fortresses and proper shelters.

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