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GoldenEye Source 5.0 Has Been Released

Remember those days when GoldenEye 007 was played at every birthday and party. This game is an attempt to replicate those great childhood moments that we had. GoldenEye Source 5.0 is free online multiplayer arena first-person shooter that has the same mechanics as the original game, except that it has a bunch of more content in it.


GoldenEye Source 5.0 will have much more content than the original shooter. The game has gotten a lot of cool new features. It is said that the game will have around 10 game modes, so the players don’t get bored quickly due to lack of versatility. All the original 28 weapons will also be included in the game. GoldenEye 007 has gotten its fair share of remakes, re-imaginings, and fan made games.

The developers have also released their official trailer, and it has some interesting gameplay to show. The gameplay in this trailer shows just how amusing it is to headshot an enemy with a screwdriver.


That is it for the new GoldenEye Source 5.0. If the trailer has impressed you in any way, the game is completely free to play and takes a couple of clicks to download. For more info and the download link visit this link.

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