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Gold Rush: The Game Funded On Kickstarter

The original gold rush was one of the most important events in American history. It started a slew of traveling from the east to the west in the hope of getting rich off of gold that was in the ground beneath us. Some made it rich, some made a decent living, and a lot went bust. But the hunger for gold never died, and to this day, there are some who are still hunting for gold all over the world. Now, you get a chance to have your own adventures in Gold Rush: The Game.

This title is based off of the Discovery Channel show Gold Rush, about mining teams in Alaska that are taking part in the “modern day gold rush.” This game takes you to Alaska as well, where you must rise from wannabe miner, to gold mining kingpin, one gold nugget at a time.

This simulation game will walk you through what you need to know about gold mining, and there’s a lot to learn. There’s machinery that you need to get and manage, you need to use it properly if you want any chance of harvesting gold, and much more. Start small, and build up your operation, then, as you acquire your gold fortune, you can expand with bigger and better machines, as well as get more gold-rich¬†claims to help expand your “empire of dirt.”

Gold Rush: The Game is aiming to give a very realistic experience, from the terrain you are on, to how the machines operate and are controlled, to how you get gold, etc. You’ll truly feel like a gold miner by the time you are done. The game has already hit its Kickstarter goal, and it still has until July 31st to get even more. So, if you want to be a part of the modern day gold rush, consider backing the game.

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