Gold Coin United Wins Last League of Legends NA Challenger Championship

Daniel Joseph Lilly
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With a partnership system on the horizon for 2018, the North American League of Legends Challenger Series is at an end, with a new academy league set to take its place. In the final NA CS Championship match that will ever be, Gold Coin United emerged victorious over eUnited in a 3-1 bo5 match.

GCU Beats EUN Again

These same two teams met in Spring, and the end result was the same. But a number of the participants changed between then and Summer. Despite the strong regular season performance from eUnited, and talented players across their entire map, Gold Coin United was able to get the better of their opponents in the finals. They utilized their quick adaptation to the tank-heavy meta of Patch 7.14, including healthy doses of Taric support, to dominate team fights. The final game between the two Challenger Series hopefuls came down to some disgustingly powerful Shockwaves from Fly’s Orianna. In fact, throughout the 2017 Summer season, Fly won all 9 of the games on which he played the champion. The mid laner is a newcomer to GCU and North America, coming from LCK’s Longzhu Gaming just before that team started to perform well in their region this split.

The Final Promotional Tournament

Both teams will play in the upcoming Promotional Tournament, scheduled to take place in early August. But winning the NA CS Championship means GCU gets matched up with the 10th place team from the NA LCS Summer Split first, potentially having a better chance than EUN against the 9th place team. With three teams at 4-10 and Phoenix1 at 3-11, it’s still too early to predict who their opponents in the final Promotional Tournament will be.

While the winners of that tournament traditionally become full-fledged members of the NA LCS for the next split, Spring 2018 will be the beginning of the new partnership system instituted by Riot and announced earlier this year. The decision on who will become permanent partners in the NA LCS will be up to Riot, but having earned a spot through sheer merit certainly won’t reflect poorly on an application.

The action continues today with Week 8 of the League of Legends NA LCS Summer Split. Tune in via lolesports to see who can secure their playoff spots, and who might be facing GCU and EUN next month.

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