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Godzilla Anime on the way?

It seems like a lot of anime these days thrive off of urban legends and monster stories along with some other historical figures. However, there has yet to be an anime about Godzilla, who is considered the king of monsters by many.

However, it would seem that this is about to change. Recently Anime News Network reported that TOHO Ad. Co had officially registered the domain name: “”. Which most likely means that the company is going to be making a website for this anime. The registration was confirmed on August 2nd following the release of Godzilla:Resurgence which was very successful in Japan. This film opened up on July 29th and was originally prompted due to the success of the American film.Godzilla

Fans are still speculating the significance of them getting the domain for multiple reasons. Realistically it could mean that they are developing a Godzilla anime but it could also mean that they are just reserving the name in case they want to use it in future endeavors. For now, all we can do is wait until we get an official announcement.  However, it can be said that if Godzilla did have an anime it would be one of the greatest and could even compete will some of the more popular anime of this age.


Written by Yasin Price

Yasin is a flash animator with 7 years of experience and a passionate gamer. He is knowledgeable in multiple genres of games and even ran his own business.

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