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Gigantic Weekly Update Reveals Stamina Change

Gigantic is an action shooter MOBA that is currently in beta, but it’s hoping for a release later this year. As such, the team behind the game knows that any part of their game can change at any moment if they feel it’ll benefit the game. Even the simplest of systems can be altered, and this is exactly what was revealed in the developers’ latest update for the game, as the Stamina system is getting a change going forward.

You might be wondering how much Stamina actually affects the gameplay in Gigantic, and it turns out there’s a lot of mechanics that use Stamina. For example, sprinting both in and out of combat, attacks of virtually every nature, dodging, and even jumping all require you to use Stamina. The team acknowledges that that’s a lot of things that use Stamina, even though the Stamina pool itself isn’t that large, so they’re going to change that.


They feel that because there are different attributes for each hero that factor into how much Stamina they have and how fast they regenerate, players are doing math to an extent that makes the game not as fun as it should be. So to fix that, they’re removing the stamina drain from your attacks. That’s right, now you attack freely without fearing not having any stamina left. This lets the Gigantic team focus on stamina being use for movements and dodges. The team is experimenting with making dodging cost more stamina (as it’s a more critical move) while sprinting costs less. Also with the sprinting, they’re going to remove the function that determines what kind of sprinting you’re doing, as that only hurts the game instead of helps it.

Finally, the team says that though this is the tentative plan for the future, things can change. Of course, they want your feedback on how Gigantic can improve even further.

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