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Gigantic MOBA by Motiga will be Published on Arc

It has been recently revealed on PWE’s Arc Twitter that the company will be publishing a brand new game from Motiga, titled Gigantic.

The cartoony action MOBA seems like an amazing addition to the already pleasing lineup of online games accessible on Arc. The game is currently under heavy testing with an NDA in place, so not much has been revealed so far.


The population on our Core server will be increased to include players who have been active on the live servers. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this survey to apply to join Gigantic’s Core community.

PWE has also posted a shiny new trailer for the Gigantic MOBA showcasing the promising features of Motiga’s creation. The current MOBA industry is rather crowded, but hopefully, Gigantic will manage to survive the tough competition and end up being a successful game that is here to stay.

Let’s check out the aforementioned trailer that has just been released.

Written by Daniel Csaki

Daniel, Founder of MMOExaminer, is an experienced gaming and tech journalist with a Bachelor in Communication and Journalism. Beyond his dedication to writing, he is an eager MMORPG enthusiast and a regular keyboard-smasher. When not writing, you can spot him in MMOs like Aion, ArcheAge, APB and he tends to suffer from the well-known “with or without you” WoW relationship. Besides MMO games, Daniel loves playing retro RPGs with his fiancée.

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