Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Our Ghost Recon: Wildlands review is currently in progress, but as many players have noticed already, there are a few key features missing from this particular style of game.

Whilst it may seem obvious that gameplay mechanics such as rolling and diving would be included, Wildlands is surprisingly lacking such qualities. This is something that has been picked up by players over on Reddit also, who have suggested that implementing such a feature would aid the game to be played the way it should be.

Particularly since there are instances of stealth, in which these mechanics such as diving and rolling would help avoid being spotted, similar to MGSV or Ghost Recon games of the past which allowed rolling whilst prone. Not to mention being able to get out of dodge when a fistful of grenades are coming your way, any kind of roll would prove useful.

The opening comment of the thread entitled “This game seriously need the ability to roll or dive” reads:

This is like…3rd person shooter mechanics 101. The fact that you can’t dive out of the way of an incoming grenade or roll away from an enemy into cover who is about to spot you is ridiculous.

In comparison to other games, not everyone will agree that it is needed. Reddit user Solhall stated:

i like that there is no roll, its too much gears of war, they never taught me during my military service to roll out of trouble fully kitted ;D, but some way to slide/dive maybe but no roll please.

So perhaps not a roll per se, but maybe some form of tactical evasion would help. Do you think Ubisoft should include such abilities? Let us know in the comments below.


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