We’re Getting Tales of Berseria in 2017

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by Dante

The newest title from the Tales Of franchise is called Tales of Berseria, and it’s coming to us in 2017!


Tales of Berseria will take the player on a journey where you will come to know self-discovery and immense hatred. You play as Velvet, the young woman who’s trying to get her revenge no matter what it takes. You will also have a lot of fun along the way, as Velvet joins a crew of pirates that sails the vast blue sea and visits various islands that make up the kingdom of Midgand.


You’re sure to enjoy the adventures, as the team behind the Tales Of franchise is doing their best to provide the most authentic experience in the new Tales of Berseria game. Our heroine, Velvet, is being designed by no other than the veteran character designer of the Tales Of franchise, Mutsumi Inomata, so you can expect a complex and interesting personality from Velvet.


You can also expect:

  • A new battle system – An evolved Linear Motion Battle System that has new options to map artes to control pad buttons for better combo attacks
  • Six powerful characters to play as – Each character has unique skills that are further enhanced with the Soul Breach combo attacks that can be done with other party members
  • Stunning animation – Studio ufotable returns as the producer of Tales of Berseria’s gorgeous cinematic sequences
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