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Gamers Happy With Blizzard Lootboxes Over EA’s Microtransactions

There’s been a bit of a controversy going on in the last few weeks surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II from EA and DICE. Mainly because players found out that key elements of the gameplay can be bought.  Because of that, players truly believe that the game will become a “Pay-2-Win” title, with those willing to spend more and more money becoming unstoppable in the multiplayer. Because of this, other gamers are re-evaluating how they look at other games. Take for example Overwatch by Blizzard.

Star Wars Battlefront II

For a long time (and still going on), gamers have been mad that Blizzard put Lootboxes in the game and charged for them. But as Retic notes on Reddit, there’s a big difference between the two. Mainly, in that Overwatch has the complete game available to you without the Lootboxes. What’s in them are cosmetic items that in no way affect gameplay outside of how your character is viewed. That’s a big difference.

Now sure, there are issues with the Lootboxes no doubt. The RNG on them is a troubling thing in and of itself, but at its core, it’s still just cosmetic items. Player can’t overload on Lootboxes and then suddenly have a distinct advantage in combat, unlike Battlefront II.

Other Redditors weren’t so appreciative to Retic’s thoughts, although they do admit its better than the alternative. A general consensus is that Blizzard should make it so players can direct buy the skins for their characters or weapons OR have the option to try their luck at Lootboxes. As it stands, they can’t do that. And again, they want the RNG to be better suited to the players themselves, as many frequently get duplicates of items they already have.

What do you think? Are Lootboxes the better option? Or is it the lesser of two evils? Let us know in the comments below.

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