Galaxy Combat Wargames Release Date Announced

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Galaxy Combat Wargames is a real treat for all fans of space shooters with engaging and fast-paced combat, and now we have a release date for it. You will be able to participate in intense space combat battles against other players like yourself and try to see who the best one is!


Your spacecraft is equpied with various devastating weapons which will aid you in obliterating your foe and their base. In these matches, the fighter with more skill and a better maneuvering strategy will be the one taking the victory and with that you will claim various rewards and get higher ranks in the force. If you’re looking for an exciting and fast-paced space combat game with really precise controls and a third person camera that will give you a really immersive head to head view in 3D, Galaxy Combat Wargames is the thing you’re looking for.



“We are extremely thrilled over the coming soon page launch on steam”

“We hope that the players will like this unique space shooter and they can now add this game into their wishlists for a real-time play very soon :)”

As you can see, Ali, the Community Manager at Fork Particle Games, is really excited for the upcoming release of their title, and you should be too!

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