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Gabriel’s Favourites: Batman Arkham City

So every week, I Gabriel, will be discussing some of my favourite games whether new or old. I will be discussing why not only are they good games, but why they have stuck with me. This week, is Batman Arkham City.

In my opinion, this is not only the best out of the four Batman Arkham games, but the best superhero game in the world. You got to confront a sizable handful of Batman’s rogues gallery, as well as the gameplay being vastly improved- with new takedowns and combat moves that help you to become the Batman.

The story is the best of the series too, with an interesting plot shrouded in mystery and twists, leading up to one of the biggest plot twits of them all- which is best kept secret. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill especially are outstanding as their roles as Batman and his arch nemesis the Joker, with some of the best voice acting in a game. The whole tone of the game helps bring the characters alive, stretching from Harley Quinn, The Riddler, and a few others who I won’t give away. The introduction of small side missions was also brilliant, giving you the feel of responding to crimes even though you are confined to a certain space.

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The setting is very clever, a walled in section of Gotham City was great to see before Rocksteady further explored it in Arkham Knight. It was awesome to see iconic locations up close and personal such as Crime Alley, as well as being able to add backstory to other villains not even seen in game. Arkham City also plays host to one of the best boss battles ever in gaming: the Mr Freeze fight. Adapting to everything you do, it forces the payer to take on Batman’s mind-set, changing tactic every five seconds. Combat, while as not polished as in Arkham Knight was also still brilliant.

Not only an excellent game for Batman fans or not, but definitely the best superhero game out there.


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