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Frostkeep Studios Provides Details On Rend

Rend is a mixture of MMORPG and survival that aims to provide a unique experience. In the game, you actually have to align yourself with a faction before you’re even dropped into the world. Then, you have to work together with the other players in order not only to fight off enemies and the wild creatures that fill the world but also to survive. How they interact with not just their faction, but the enemy factions will affect gameplay and the future of the game.

The team at Frostkeep Studios have finalized the content calendar for the game and decided to update the potential players about what they can expect in terms of announcements leading up to the Early Access launch of Rend.

The developers wanted to make sure that Rend wasn’t just fun to play, but also something to be excited about all the way around. They wanted to be sure it would be fair to gamers, and that logging off wouldn’t mean you’re blindsided by someone who is also playing the game, but at a different time than you. They’re working hard to make sure that Rend is balanced in that aspect, though you will need to do some work on your own.

For example, the whole point of Rend is to work with a faction. Thus, if you have a base and you log out, if you’re alone, it might be raided. But, if you’re with a crew or a Guild, then people will think twice about raiding you.

Finally, as for why Rend is coming to Early Access, they want to make sure that players have a say in what the game is as much as the team does, and this is the best way to make that happen.

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