More Free Champions on Rotation in League of Legends

Daniel Joseph Lilly
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According to a forum post by Riot Cactopus earlier today, the development team has decided to increase the number of free champions that are available on daily rotation in their immensely popular MOBA title, League of Legends. The number will increase from 10 champions to 10% of the total champions. To start, that will put the number at 14.

League of Legends Free Champion Rotations

The free champion rotation is an incredibly valuable tool for both new and practiced players, allowing them to try out champions without having to spend either of the two in-game currencies to permanently unlock them. Previously, this was the only way to try out a champion before making a purchase, although now, with the loot feature, it is possible to essentially “rent” a champion.

Going forward, 14 champions will be available on free rotation, as opposed to the traditional 10. That will give players an even wider selection of champions to test and practice on without having to make the plunge on a purchase. It also opens things up for newcomers to the game, who start off with only the champions on free rotation unless they drop some real world cash on RP.

league of legends

Taliyah makes it into this week’s free champion rotation as one of the 14

Responses to the increase in free champions are predominantly positive on the League of Legends forums. The only way players have found a negative side to the increase in the free champion rotation is that it didn’t happen sooner, or that it makes more potential land mines for the ever-maligned ARAM-only players. Since an ARAM match chooses a champion for you based on what’s available, including who you own and who is on free rotation, the increase in free champions per rotation means a higher likelihood that somebody has to play a champion they don’t own, know, or like in an ARAM match. But hey, that’s what ARAM is for, anyway.

For more information on the current free champion rotation, head to the official post.

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