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Freddy Krueger Set To Haunt Your Dreams in Dead by Daylight

Nearly a month ago, we reported on a leak that suggested a new killer would be coming to Dead by Daylight with the codename ‘Sandman,’ which many fans assumed that this would indeed be Freddy Krueger. It now appears that said fans were right to assume this, with a new teaser entitled ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ which has surfaced, and you can take a look at the eerie video just below:

The infamous antagonist from the legendary Nightmare on Elm Street horror film franchise looks set to be making his way into the dreams of Dead by Daylight players, joining the likes of other movie characters such as Michael Myers (Halloween) and Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) as well as the other original killers that have been created by the developers.

It isn’t the official confirmation of the character, but the teaser all but gives it away, and given the rumors that came about last month, it’s safe to say that Freddy will be in our nightmares very soon.

If you are yet to experience Dead by Daylight, the game presents an asymmetrical horror experience in which you take on the role of either killer or survivor in an attempt to either kill or escape, depending on your preference. Killers will be tasked with hunting down survivors and leaving them on hooks to sacrifice to The Entity, whilst survivors will need to activate generators to open the gates and make their escape.

Dead by Daylight is now available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Written by Ham

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