Wonder Woman

During last nights episode of Gotham, DC Comics/Warner Bros. unveiled the fourth trailer for Wonder Woman. With the film’s release set just a month away, it’s not surprising they’re cranking out more trailer and TV spots to show off the first female-led superhero movie since the MCU and DCEU debuted.

Outside of some new shots of Diana being every bit the warrior and protector we expect her to be, there’s not a lot of new footage. But that’s OK, as it’s clear that WB is trying to avoid misinterpretation this go round (in regards to what happened with Suicide Squad via the Joker), and that might actually help the film as few are certain who the main villain is.

For many, Wonder Woman is arguably more important than Justice League. Aside from being the first modern female-led superhero film, it’s a film that many just feels needs to succeed without controversy.

By controversy, we mean the behind-the-scenes politics that seems to have plagued Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Both those films had a lot of things happen that may have affected the quality of the finished product. Which also bring us to the other big point, many think that Wonder Woman needs to be well received by critics and fans. Despite massive box office numbers, Man of Steel, BVS, and Suicide Squad were all mixed in how critics and fans received it.

BVS was straight up panned by critics, with Suicide Squad not doing much better. The fan scores were better, but not the ratings that Marvel films got, and everyone is always willing to compare films to the MCU.

That’s not to say people aren’t hyped for Wonder Woman. Many want this film to succeed, and they hope that when it arrives in theaters June 2nd that it’s truly wonder-ful.


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