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Fosmon Dual Conductive Charging Station Compatable With Xbox One X

Don’t you just hate it when your controller dies? No, we don’t mean die as in “breaks,” we mean when its battery gets depleted. We all know how immersed you can get when you really sit down and play a game for 6 hours straight, so naturally, sometimes you won’t even notice when your controller’s battery gets empty. Well, you should take a look at Fosmon’s Dual Conductive Charging Station where each full charge provides a lot of play time (by a lot we mean up to 28 hours).

Fosmon Dual Conductive Charging Station

If you have a friend that could use this dual conductive charging station, then you should let them know that this exists, especially when you consider its price. The Fosmon Dual Conductive Charging Station will cost you $39.99, and you can buy it right away if you want to. Fosmon has been a huge force in the electronic accessories department for quite a while now, and their Fosmon Dual Conductive Charging Station is actually compatible with the new Xbox One X, which is quite a pleasant surprise. This station can charge up two controllers at the same time, and as said before, one charge can give you up to 28 hours of play, which is quite enough for one intense RPG playthrough or a hectic multiplayer shooter session.

The CEO of Fosmon, Simon Loh, stated:

“The Xbox One X is one of the most hotly anticipated gaming consoles in recent years,”

“Xbox enthusiasts have always loved our charging stations for the ease of use and sustained gameplay it supports, and we are pleased to update our charging station to power the exciting experience of the new Xbox One X.”

The Fosmon Dual Conductive Charging Station is rather useful, especially now that we know that it’s compatible with Xbox One X. Will you be buying it? Let us know in the comments section down below!


Written by Dante

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