Founded in 2015, Sloclap is a studio launched in Paris, made up of former Ubisoft programmers, artists, and designers alike, known for the likes of Watch_Dogs and Ghost Recon. Sloclap has listed their specialties as being animation systems, character controls, and online gameplay. While small, the studio has an arsenal of workers from one of the game industry’s greatest juggernauts. The studio has been working on Absolver since 2015.


Absolver follows a Prospect, who has joined the Absolvers organization. The game offers real time combat. Players can take one of four stances as they alternate between attacks, evasion, and parrying. Versatility, style, and flow are emphasized as players are given the freedom to pick a combat style as well as a “Combat Deck” giving them a variance of moves and flow to their attacks.sf515

Absolver offers PVP centered arenas and offer rewards to victorious players. Multiplayer will be formulated as players progress. Multiplayer action and narrative are weaved together, as encounters can result in trades, combat, or camaraderie.A trailer of the game was recently released showcasing the visuals and combat.  More about the game as well as the employees at Sloclap, their website can be found hereAbsolver appears to be shaping up to be a frontier in real time online melee games, and a game that will no doubt gather attention throughout its development cycle.



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