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FlyQuest Heading to League of Legends NA Semi-Finals

FlyQuest, the team nobody thought would make it in the League of Legends NA LCS, have just secured their spot in the semi-finals in Vancouver, after their defeat of Counter Logic Gaming. After losing the first two matches in the best of 5 competition, FlyQuest pulled off the reverse sweep and ended the series 3-2.

FlyQuest Narrowly Beats Out CLG

But for Team SoloMid, who will play FlyQuest next weekend, it certainly doesn’t seem like the upset of the 5th seed over the 4th will be cause for a great deal of concern. None of FlyQuest’s wins were particularly run-away victories, with the final game in particular balancing on a knife’s edge for the strong majority of the time.

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As stated in the post-game interview by FlyQuest’s mid-laner Hai, their victory over CLG was a matter of figuring out how to properly initiate. All split long, FlyQuest has cemented a reputation as risk takers and drastic play makers. These plays have both paid off big when they work, and cost quite a bit when they haven’t. In their match against CLG, they realized that they needed to be the ones initiating team fights, so that the fights were on their terms, rather than placing them on their back feet against a CLG offensive.

As the analysts pointed out, these were two of the bloodiest teams throughout the split, earning some of the most kills and deaths in their games. Game 5 certainly did not disappoint in the action, culminating in a 5 on 5 team fight that also included the Elder Dragon. With two Infernal Drakes already on their scoreboard for the match, a Baron buff, and a full DPS team composition, FlyQuest was able to play carefully enough and with enough raw power to secure the objective, burn down the mid lane, crack open the CLG base, and end the game before the respawn timers came up.

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The semi-finals of the NA LCS Spring Playoffs will start next weekend, where the top two teams, TSM and Cloud9, will play their first matches of the playoffs, due to their first round byes. Cloud9 will play Phoenix1 after their victory over Team Dignitas, while FlyQuest will have the tall order of taking down TSM. Tune in via Twitch for some of the best League of Legends this side of the globe on April 15th.

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