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Flash Wolves’ Jungler Karsa Suspended from League of Legends

The Taiwanese League of Legends team Flash Wolves has lost their jungler, at least for a time. Karsa, who many will remember from his power plays at MSI along with midlaner Maple, reportedly left a game before it was finished, resulting in the temporary suspension.

The report comes to the English-speaking world via Tuwan Esports, a media organization based out of Beijing. They posted on Twitter, along with the original text from the Flash Wolves in Chinese.

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Flash Wolves has been a dominant team in the LMS for years, taking first place in the last three regional playoffs. They also showed well internationally, winning the most recent, and apparently final, League of Legends IEM tournament in Katowice.

Thanks to Karsa’s sophisticated pathing and impressive playmaking, the team also made it all the way to semifinals of the Mid-Season Invitational. They were knocked out of the tournament by SK Telecom T1.

This sort of suspension is apparently not that uncommon. Back in Spring, two players from the LCK’s Afreeca Freecs, KurO and Spirit, were charged with intentional disconnects. In that case, the team was penalized for one set score, but no players were suspended.

According to another post from the Flash Wolves via Twitter, this time in English, the suspension was implemented by the team itself, rather than the league’s ruling body. His actions violated both the official rules of competition and are considered poor sportsmanship.

The Flash Wolves’ roster currently includes subs for top and mid only, so it is unclear yet who will play jungle, and how long a sub might be needed. Things are currently not going well for Flash Wolves in the 2017 LMS Spring Split, where they sit 0-2 after two weeks. Their next match is in five days, on June 17th, against Fireball. Raise Gaming currently sits at the top of the roster at 4-0, after fighting their way into the LMS through the ECS Playoffs and beating out Team Yetti in the 2017 LMS Summer Promotion.

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